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Brahms: The Cello Sonatas

paladino music PMR0130
Recording Date: 
4 & 5 April 2023
Recording Venue: 
Schloss Weinberg, Kefermarkt/Austria
April 2024

Having recorded most of the standard repertoire for cello and piano (and an absurd amount of obscure stuff), I felt that my 50th birthday in May 2024 would be a good point in time to finally release the Brahms sonatas. Having performed the E Minor sonata for almost 40 years and the F Major for 35, I feel particularly close to the latter. Somehow, it has always spoken to me, and I think it is the greatest work for cello and piano ever written - paralleled only by the Debussy sonata, which is perfect in a completely different way. The older I become, the more Brahms' music speaks to me with the same emotional intensity as Schubert and Schumann do. For almost a decade, I have enjoyed working with my dear friend Stefan Stroissnig, and the two days in the studio in 2023 will remain a cherished memory.

The release of this album concludes a rather turbulent year of my life and marks the beginning of my sixth earthly decade. I remain optimistic that the human beings surrounding me ultimately make the right decisions for my and their lives - recent experiences unfortunately let me doubt at least the second part. However, Brahms' music profoundly and #fortwährend helps me remain centered around my own attempt of honesty towards others.