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Raffaseder: Turning Points

paladino music PMR0067
Recording Date: 
8 & 23 May 2016
Recording Venue: 
Konzerthaus, Vienna/Austria
December 2016

I have always been an advocate for Austrian composers, therefore I was happy to contribute to Hannes Raffaseder's debut recording. Particularly the solo cello pieces were enjoyable to work on, and I believe they would be suitable for young cellists on their journey towards performing contemporary music comfortably. As this recording was done while I was traveling around (and still lived in New Zealand), I was using a nice cello that my friend, luthier Marcel Richters, was kind enough to lend me. I cannot remember what it was (maybe Ruggieri?), but you can also see me use it in some of the Vienna Virtuoso videos in the "Teaching" section of my website.