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Rogl: Complete Saxophone Works So Far

paladino music PMR0022
Recording Date: 
April 2012
Recording Venue: 
Schloss Weinberg, Kefermarkt/Austria
July 2012

This CD has a similar story to Alberto Mesirca's "British Guitar Music" (PMR0027): Between 1990 and 2004, Helmut Rogl wrote a number of cello works for me (all recorded on "Complete Cello Works So Far"), and following that recording, he proposed a recording of his saxophone works to paladino music which he wanted to complete with a new work. I was happy to make another guest appearance on somebody elses's feature CD. The sound combination of saxophone and cello works surprisingly well, and Helmut also explores similarities between Bartók pizzicato and slap effects, double stops and overtones etc. "eins.zwei.TRIO!" was recorded in April 2012 and premiered at the Gmundner Festwochen in August 2012. I am happy to have added another seemingly unlikely instrument to my collection of chamber music partners ...